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Gabrielle Janvier: Travel Companion

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you've met me, then you're probably familiar with Gabrielle, she's my best friend. From fascinating conversations to unforgettable experiences, Gabrielle is always fun to spend time with. Whether it's a weekend or a weeklong somewhere exotic, she'll make sure it's an experience you won't soon forget.

Gabrielle is the perfect companion for those seeking an unforgettable experience. She's multilingual, full of energy, and full of personality - the perfect combination! Not only does she take pleasure in travelling, but she also quite a foodie. She loves to dance, can play golf, and will indulge in a cigar with fine company. She has all the characteristics to make any occasion special - Gabrielle Janvier embodies sophistication and elegance like no other.

Whether you need someone to add that extra spark of life or want to enjoy a night out tasting gourmet cuisine - Gabrielle will make it an unforgettable experience!


Age: 30's

Height: 5'8" (174cm)

Compatibility: Male & Female Passport: Austrian

Departure City: Dubai & Singapore

Languages: English, French & German Vaccinated: YES Smoker: Occasional

Availability: Worldwide


Q&A with Gabrielle

If you were on a dating site, what type of partner would you be looking to meet? I love a confident man. When a man believes in himself, knows who he is, and knows what he wants, I find that extremely appealing. I can tell that just simply from the attitude he exudes. He is comfortable with himself and knows that he is worth taking the time to get to know. If given the choice, who, or what type of companion would you be suited to travel with? My ideal travel companion should have sense of adventure and curiosity. A thoughtful traveller .We should have stimulating conversations, dinner dates, visit a concert or spend an evening at the opera. I also enjoy shopping very much. Describe the perfect one-night date? I think the main reason why women love one night stands is that sex feels just as good for women as it does for men. Kissing, being skin to skin, embracing, looking each other in the eyes…

The secret to pulling off a one night stand with me is to focus on triggering my primal attraction triggers. A generous and confident, assertive male that pampers to my desires turns me on like crazy. When planning travel with a companion, what is important to you? A gentleman should bring a certain level of respect and decorum to any social occasion or gathering. Relaxed attitude, cleanliness and etiquette are essential elements for me, as it shows that he has an understanding of politeness and consideration for those around him. Are you a golfer? I occasionally play a round of golf with my girlfriends to catch up than for the game itself. Can you ski, or snowboard? I love to ski. It is one of my favourite winter pastimes. Of course followed by champagne by the fireside in a beautiful winter cottage. Will you go on a cruise ship? Of course, in a beautiful big suite on a luxury liner to nowhere. How many days notice do you need to be ready to travel? I am quite flexible with my availability to travel, but I am also very busy. The best advise is book ahead, and I will ensure availability. Business travel arrangements & financials:

POA. Deposit policy applies.

Please CONTACT GABRIELLE for further details

With Gabrielle Janvier by your side, you can be sure that you will make a lasting impression! Her unbeatable charm and wit will have everyone around her in awe. She knows how to navigate any social situation with ease, having an extensive cultural background and a vast knowledge of etiquette. Whether you're looking for a romantic evening out or just tea at the local cafe - no matter the occasion, Gabrielle is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and proud.

Gabrielle Janvier


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