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Rene Joile: Travel Companion

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

I am Rene, an elite, mature international travel companion and dream come true. I am passionate about creating an unforgettable experience for my generous, kind and distinguished gentleman.

With me, you will will enjoy a discrete intimate encounter beyond what an hour of fun will achieve. Consider a romantic dinner under the stars, a weekend, or discrete week away. Time will fly as we relax in each others company in the privacy of your home or a luxury hotel suite. Whatever the occasion is, I promise to make it unforgettable.

My international travel companionship services are not to suited to everyone, Every encounter is tailored to suit your individual needs and desires.

My stunning natural beauty will captivate your mind and heart; my seductive curves are not the only thing that will leave you mesmerized. My zest for life, adventurous spirit, engaging personality and sense of humour make me the perfect companion for all occasions. I am well versed, educated, well travelled and possess an open-minded attitude that allows me to fit easily into any situation.

My goal is to bring you an unforgettable experience that leaves you coming back for more. I look forward to meeting and exceeding your expectations. Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can make this opportunity truly magical for us both. I look forward to creating many happy memories with you.

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Age: 40's

Height: 5'9" (176cm)

Compatibility: Male & Female Passport: Australian

Departure City: Melbourne & Singapore

Languages: English Vaccinated: YES Smoker: No

Availability: Worldwide


Q&A with Rene

If you were on a dating site, what type of partner would you be looking to meet?

I enjoy the company of a mature gentleman who enjoys exploring new cities, as much as finding pleasure in escaping a busy lifestyle. Nice manners with sense of adventure excite me, someone who can stimulate my mind as much as my taste buds, and I do enjoy the culinary experience . I would like to find someone who is ready for something genuine and not just some fun, whether that be while travelling or meeting in your home city. Most of all I am looking for connection with someone who has something unique to bring. Of course appearances are important, but ultimately it’s the personality that matters most - someone who values a good sense of humor and is comfortable in their own skin. I like to feel like I can be myself, feeling safe and secure is important for me to open up. Life’s too short for anything else! I enjoy the company of someone who loves life and enjoy the small things. Someone who loves to appreciate all that life has to offer. Someone with a passion for travel, exploring different cultures, trying new foods and going off the beaten track! If you’re reading this and you you feel we have something in common, don’t hesitate to reach out. I am excited to get out there and discover the world and what it has in store for us! If given the choice, who, or what type of companion would you be suited to travel with? I like to consider myself relatively low maintenance, therefore I am suited to a companion who can appreciate the simple pleasure's as much as the luxury experiences. When travelling, I enjoy exploring with a companion who also loves visiting cultural events, local art galleries, music, shows and of course, beautiful restaurants. I keep relatively fit, and I am a great personal trainer or a fun training partner if you enjoy exercise while travelling! I would love to hear about your own ideas for travelling destinations, cultural experiences and activities. Let's chat and make some plans to travel the world together! I'm up for anything that is adventurous, fun and interesting. Describe the perfect one-night date? Give me the opportunity to dress up and I will give you the reason to take me out and show me off. Chose a beautiful restaurant, in a pretty location, and lets try everything on the menu together, accompanied by nice wine and lots of laughter, the night will be perfect. As the night goes on we can return to a hotel for a nightcap, and sleep with the blinds open, so we wake and enjoy a lazy breakfast in bed. When planning travel with a companion, what is important to you? Well planned travel plans as a must when travelling together. If you have a restricted budget, lets discuss it ahead of time so there aren't any awkward moments during our trip together. Things to consider include personal space requirements, for both of us. It may be time at the gym, or hair salon, or just time out to make local calls back home to family. If you are a person that demands a lot of attention, then boundaries discussed in advance will be respected. Are you a golfer? If you don't mind a long game, then I am the perfect golf partner. Can you ski, or snowboard? I am a terrible skier, and I am not afraid to show you why! My snowboard talents are almost on par. Will you go on a cruise ship? I am a big fan of travelling on the water. I don't mid if it your private cruiser or a commercial liner. I have experience with both and it would be a pleasure to join you on a cruise anywhere in the world. How many days notice do you need to be ready to travel? I am quite flexible with my availability to travel, in and out of Australia. I spend a lot of time in Asia, which makes last minute trips really uncomplicated. If you have an idea, then I am more than happy to consider. Singapore is a frequent spot for me, and I can be there with relatively short notice (a few days). Hong Kong is a favorite, as with Japan and Korea. I am planning a visit to India this October, and will be visiting Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. I can visit you in India by invitation, so please consider a Fly Me To You date rather tan waiting for me to arrive. As with most international destinations, pending my availability and visas if required, I ca be there as quickly as you can be ready for me. Business travel arrangements & financials: Business events from $3500usd when in the same city.

Impromptu night away $5000usd

A weekend away (2 nights) $10,000usd excluding travel expenses.

Weekly POA. Deposit policy applies.

Please CONTACT RENE for further details

I am the best international travel companion and courtesan –friendly, confident and always classy. With me, you can rest assured knowing that you will be taken care of in whatever country we visit together. I make sure that every bespoke trip is a pleasant and memorable experience for both of us – from romantic walks to cultural tours to late-night conversations, each moment spent together will be one to remember. Leave the stress of planning behind, and let your international travel become an adventure with me at your side!

Love, Rene x


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