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I am Rene, the beauty with brains behind this boutique website. Thank you for visiting!

It is my intention to be able to introduce you to beautiful models (that I have met or been referred by gents like you), that I know will treat you with upmost respect, and treat you like a King where ever in the world you are.

Personally, I have travelled extensively, to over 40 countries, and I am not finished yet! When not in Australia, I spend most of my time in Singapore, Japan, India, UAE and Europe. I hold a current Australian passport, and am available to FLY TO YOU worldwide within 5-10 days, pending international travel restrictions.

Please feel free to email me to discuss your requirements. I will do my best to assist you, and subscribe to my newsletter for occasional updates of the site. 

Enjoy the site!

Rene x

Age: 40's

Height: 5'9" (176cm)
Compatibility: Male & Female
Passport: Australian

Departure City: Melbourne

Languages: English
Vaccinated: YES
Smoker: No

Availability: Worldwide

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The Interview

If you were on a dating site, what type of partner would you be looking to meet?

I enjoy the company of a  mature gentleman who enjoys exploring new cities, as much as finding pleasure in escaping a busy lifestyle. Nice manners with sense of adventure excite me, someone who can stimulate my mind as much as my taste buds, and I do enjoy the culinary experience ;-)

If given the choice, who, or what type of companion would you be suited to travel with?

I like to consider myself relatively low maintenance, therefore I am suited to a companion who can appreciate the simple pleasure's as much as the luxury experiences. When travelling, I enjoy exploring with a companion who also loves visiting cultural events, local art galleries, music, shows and of course, beautiful restaurants.  I keep relatively fit, and enjoy regular exercise. I am also a great personal trainer or a fun training partner!

Describe the perfect one-night date?

Give me the opportunity to dress up and I will give you the reason to take me out and show me off.  Chose a beautiful restaurant, in a pretty location, and lets try everything on the menu together, accompanied by nice wine and lots of laughter, the night will be perfect. As the night goes on we can return to a hotel for a nightcap, and sleep with the blinds open, so we wake and enjoy a lazy breakfast in bed.

When travelling with another person, what qualities are important to you?

Well planned travel plans as a must when travelling together. If you have a restricted budget, lets discuss it ahead of time so there aren't any awkward moments during our trip together. Things to consider include personal space requirements, for both of us. It may be time at the gym, or hair salon, or just time out to make local calls back home to family. If you are a person that demands a lot of attention, then boundaries discussed in advance will be respected.

Are you a golfer?

f you don't mind a long game, then I am the perfect golf partner. 

Can you ski, or snowboard?

I am a terrible skier, and I am not afraid to show you why! My snowboard talents are almost on par.

Will you go on a cruise ship?

I am a big fan of travelling on the water. I don't mid if it your private cruiser or a commercial liner. I have experience with both and it would be a pleasure to join you on a cruise anywhere in the world.

How many days notice do you need to be ready to travel?

I am quite flexible with my availability to travel, in and out of Australia. I spend a lot of time in Asia, which makes last minute trips really uncomplicated.  If you have an idea, then I am more than happy to consider.

Singapore is a frequent spot for me, and I can be there with relatively short notice (a few days). Hong Kong is a favorite, as with Japan and Korea. I am planning a visit to India this October, and will be visiting Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai. I can visit you in India by invitation, so please consider a Fly Me To You date rather tan waiting for me to arrive. 

As with most international destinations, pending my availability and visas if required, I ca be there as quickly as you can be ready for me.

Business travel arrangements & financials:

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