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International Travel Companions for Business & Pleasure

'Dinner?' He asked.

'Yes!' She said.


Distance is not an issue.

You can be anywhere

in the world,

and so can she....



My name is Rene Joile. I am your webmistress, and an established international companion with 30 years of business travel experience around the world. Travelling the world is a lifestyle for me, a passion, and a career that I love. I have had the fortune of meeting people from all walks of life, experiencing unique cultures and discovering wonderful places, and creating memories that last a lifetime.
 is a boutique website connecting affluent gents with high class, mature travel companions. Professionals creating bespoke encounters that will satisfy the fussiest of gentlemen, from social events and romantic evenings, to discrete travel for business or pleasure.

Classy and elegant I
nternational Travel Companions are the core of I have chosen THE BEST experienced VIP International Escorts who take pride in providing an exceptional experience with generous clients and go above and beyond to make sure they receive exactly what is expected.

No matter who you seek,
our promise is, you will be impressed. So why wait? Let me show you a new experience through the eyes of a beautiful woman.
Book your VIP I
nternational Travel Companion at!

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Business Man

Mitchel, Singapore

I've been fortunate to have come across Rene. She is very much professional and a lot of fun to travel with. Her sites are well run, she is knowledgeable and attentive. She goes out of her way to make sure everyone has a great experience. Rene is a true professional who understands the industry inside and out. If you're looking for someone to handle your travel needs, look no further than Rene. She will make sure you have an amazing trip! 


Rene excels at customer service. Whether it's responding quickly and politely to emails or taking the time to answer any questions that arise during the planning process.  

Casual Businessman

Simon, Melbourne

Thank you, Rene! 

We met in an airport lounge enroute to Singapore some years ago, and since then we have connected several times. She's great! Attentive, responsive and a lot of fun to be around. 


I'm so glad I met her, and I'm sure we will remain in touch for a long time.


Here's to you, Rene!

Cheers! :) S


Businessman with Glasses

Phillipe, Zurich

Super lady, and her friends are above expectation! I had the pleasure or meeting Gabrielle as well in Zurich a few years back, and I was lost for words. Like Rene, she is an incredibly strong, feminine and a kind-hearted individual. Gabrielle is so classy. She showed true loyalty with Rene and I can see why they get along so well!  These two are peas in a pod, travelling the world, and I wouldn't hesitate travelling with either again.

Portrait of Mature Man

James, Sydney

I met Rene a few years ago by introduction from (another lady in Melbourne). We had a blast! The three of us spent the weekend in Sydney. The ladies were easy going companions. We laughed and talked our way through 2 days and nights. They were both knowledgeable of what to do in Sydney, which made it even more enjoyable. We stayed at a great hotel and did some sightseeing, had dinner at some great restaurants, and visited interesting bars. I will always remember that trip fondly, and look forward to a repeat sometime. I'll be in touch. Thanks ladies!

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