'' is a boutique website showcasing Top Model Tour Guides and International Travel Companions. Models must be passport ready to to travel within 7 days if requested to join VIPs, CEOs and or companies looking to engage time and services.

This is an invitation only website.

The Ladies and Gents featuring on have been invited based on their credibility, appearance and availability.

All Model Escorts are video verified.

If you are a Model and would like to be considered, please continue.

 I invite international model escorts and tour guides to apply to be considered.


Models 30+ are preferred. Models must hold a current passport, and have proven to uphold an established national and or international presence. References may be required for unestablished Models.

All models must be fluent in the English language.

Models must be fully vaccinated, 100% DRUG FREE, in good health and public standing. Professional photos, dressed, limiting lingerie to 1 or 2 photos will only be accepted. Photos must be with minimal photoshop and edits. Photos are manually approved before publication.

Tattoo Models will be considered if the body art is of good taste only. Tattoos visible on arms, wrist, hands, fingers, neck, legs and ankles will only be considered if the model is a published tattoo model with unique body art work.

Verification is required prior your profile being published on


There is no upfront listing fees to Models using our PA services

Listing fees for unrepresented Models

$299aud for 3 months

Front page promotion from $599aud for 3 months

A reciprocal banner must be placed in the TOP 3 positions on the entry page of your website, linking to our website. 


This step is not negotiable.

New banners will become available.

flyhertoyou international travel companions


If you know a special lady or gent you think would be suited to our website? Please forward our website, or this page to your special someone for their consideration. We will not accept application requests, or photo submissions from any person on behalf of another, and this includes personal agents or agencies.

Thank you for your understanding.


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Within 2-7 days of completing the interview, you will receive an email requesting a phone or video call time, alternatively you can use WhatsApp or Signal to contact Rene to arrange suitable time for a quick call and verification. 

I am on +61433224499

Direct call or WhatsApp

Due to the high volume of requests, it may take 7-21 days to be listed as each application is manually approved.


Email: or CLICK HERE

WhatsApp or Signal: +61 433 224 499

Monday to Thursday 2pm - 5pm AEST