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Miss Rose is a Dutch travel companion. She is an eccentric trans lady, residing in Australia.

Miss Rose travels Australia, attending personal events, business functions, weekend escapes and extended travel arrangements.

Miss Rose has dual citizenship, and is available to FLY TO YOU Australia wide, and internationally pending travel restrictions.

Age: 45+

Height: 5.11" (182cm)
Compatibility: Male & Female
Passport: Dutch

Languages: English & Dutch
Vaccinated: YES
Smoker: No

Availability: Worldwide

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The Interview

If you were on a dating site, what type of partner would you be looking to meet?

A well presented good looking man who knows what he wants and how to get it, and doesn't compromise.

If given the choice, who, or what type of companion would you be suited to travel with?

Someone who enjoys live to the fullest, and enjoys things he does, but also appreciates good company.

Describe the perfect one-night date?

As one the whole night is just a whirlwind of good conversation, amazing food, amazing company ending in great sex which leaves me breathless and fulfilled, and my date says at the end, your the perfect girlfriend!

When travelling with another person, what qualities are important to you?

That everything is no fuss non stress full, and fun for both of us.

Are you a golfer?


Can you ski, or snowboard?


Will you go on a cruise ship?

Yes, I'm a licensed offshore skipper

How many days notice do you need to be ready to travel?

Depends o the situation but 4 seem reasonable, can be much shorter.

Business travel arrangements & financials:

Please CONTACT MISS ROSE for details regarding business travel arrangements and financials

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